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How To Fix A Wobbly Ceiling Fan Easily

1 Turn off the electricity to the ceiling fan. If you are able to make sure the fan will not accidentally be turned on while you work, simply turning off the switch should be all right.
2 Check the screws or bolts that secure the blades to the motor to make sure they are all tight. If a blade is loose, see if the fan still wobbles after tightening it. If not, continue to the following steps.
3 Attach a weight on one fan blade, you can purchase kits with self-adhesive fan blade balancing weights at a home improvement store. Turn the ceiling fan back on. If it’s wobbling because of this blade, proceed with the next step. If not, continue doing this until you find the fan blade that is causing the problem.

4 Add a clip. On the blade causing the problem, keep the weight on it, plus a clip.
5 Turn the ceiling fan on, and leave it running until the problem stops.


  • Some other things that may cause a fan to wobble are screws holding the blades are loose, fan is not firmly mounted to ceiling, fan blades are not the same distance from ceiling when measured at the tips, set screw not tight against down pole or fan blades are not all the same pitch. Checking these things are usually a lot more effective than messing with balancing kits.
  • Long down rods on ceiling fans generally cause this problem. There’s nothing else you can do about this.
  • If none of the ceiling fan blades are causing the problem, you may need new ones. They’re available at home improvement stores, hardware stores, electrical stores or lumberyards.

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